GemCraft | Server & Community


Community: (C)
  1. No controversial, profane, harassing or explicit content or skins.
  2. Don't disrespect or act in bad faith.
  3. Only English is allowed in publicly visible chats.
  4. Don't lie or mislead anyone when community related.
  5. Avoid sharing others' confidential or personal information.
  6. Spamming, circumventing filters or adversiting is not allowed.
  7. You most listen and follow instructions from staff.

Game: (G)
  1. No intentional destruction of claimed or owned land.
  2. Leave claimed land on request by the owner or trusted representative.
  3. Gain consent before claiming within 50 blocks of another claim.
  4. Don't hinder anyone from retrieving their items after death.
  5. No builds resulting in a strong decrease in server performance.
  6. Avoid duplication except for small amounts of primed TNT.
  7. No mods providing unfair or unreachable advantages or information.
  8. Don't exploit bugs or unintended features on purpose.
  9. The act of scamming, cheating, or stealing is prohibited.
  10. It's not allowed to automate player required actions.
  11. Intentional AFK detection prevention is disallowed.
  12. Claimed substantial structures must be accessible to everyone.

Information: (I)
    Our staff assesses violations and takes the appropriate actions.

    You have the right to be informed of violations upon request.